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                       What Does It Mean
                    To Be Truly Beautiful?

What does it mean to be beautiful? A textbook definition of beauty reads; “the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind, whether arising from sensory manifestations (as shape, color, sound, etc.).” Do you wake up in the morning every day and ask yourself, “What makes me beautiful, or do I look beautiful today?” We asked several women in the beauty and style industry, from varying backgrounds (different ages, ethnicities, etc.), to tell us what beauty means to them. Below we’ve captured their thoughts.

We entertain your ideas and invite your feedback on what beauty means for you.
Leslie G. Christin the founder and creative force behind Cara Cosmetics International offers a detailed explanation on what beauty is for her. “I’ve always been drawn to the artistic side of makeup and beauty and looking back at my family history helps me understand why it is part of my life.” Growing up in Spain Christin believes there are cultural differences in how beauty is viewed from Europe to the United States. “European (referring specifically to Spain, France) women spend more time on skin care and the aesthetic side of beauty than on using makeup.” She continues, “Growing older in Europe is being beautiful and being ok with it where as in the United States it is about having a quick fix, like covering it up with makeup or plastic surgery.” Christin points out kids in their twenties today are more educated on skincare then they were in the 1950s and 1960s.
Christin’s thoughts on working in TV and film  
“I believe being beautiful is a double-edged sword, as I’m more critical of ‘beauty’ compared to someone in another field. Of course I can make someone look beautiful-yet in TV and film you are not allowed to look bad, unless it is a character role.” She notes, “We define an actress on how old they look.”

Christin’s view on young actors in Hollywood
“I think younger kids are so much more perceptive and awareness with the media. There is a huge importance on being sexy versus being beautiful. When you’re so young you cannot distinguish where your self-worth is, and you’re not mature to understand the cost of being thin so young.” Moreover, Christin finds peer pressure as a force in society that causes girls to want to grow up too fast. “You look like a child and then all the sudden you look like a woman. Growing up in Spain I avoided this pressure and cherished my youth trying to look like a girl.”

Christin’s idea of beauty
“For me beauty is everything, be it a plant, person, chair or a place like Paris. As humans, we are attracted to outer beauty, something that is aesthetically pleasing and this depends on your culture. It is a cultural conditioning on what we consider beautiful. I also think it is a huge balance between inner and outer beauty. Working in the film industry, I see so-called beautiful people who after getting to know them really are not beautiful on the inside.” Christin furthers, “When you are not that beautiful on the inside you no longer see the beauty on the outside. And having worked with actors I believe that beauty is something special that comes from inside, an inner spirit that comes through.”

What others say about beauty:

Beauty to me is having confidence in yourself and the way you look. In my opinion there is nothing more beautiful than seeing a woman with a clean fresh face, sun kissed glow, hair pulled back, in a great pair of jeans and white tank. Beauty is simplicity and allowing your inner beauty to show as much as your outer beauty.”- Rosie Johnston, Owner of Rosie Jane Cosmetics

Beauty to me is being one with nature. It is about discovering all the natural beauty in the world and using it to beautify myself. It is about appreciating the unique beauty found in everything created. There was a time when I used to quantify beauty using very superficial criterion. I used to like red, but hate orange. I would love rose but hate lavender. After many years into the natural beauty, industry and I have a newfound appreciation and realization for what beauty really is. Now I find it in literally every color of the rainbow. I love oranges and browns, greens and grays. I smell lavender and appreciate it for what it is. I smell myrtle and appreciate it for what it is.” - Tammie Umbel, Owner and Founder of Shea Terra Organics

"Beauty to me is character, kindness, intellect and confidence, the very real confidence that comes with achievement. It changes your posture and the expression on your face. That's the kind of beauty that lasts a lifetime." - Joanna Schlip, Physicians Formula Celebrity Makeup Artist

Beautiful means so many things depending on the context. When I think of true beauty I immediately associate it with confidence and happiness. When someone radiates beauty they are letting others know they are sure of themselves, comfortable with their appearance and truly happy inside and out. I also immediately think of children when I think of what it means to be beautiful. All children are beautiful to me. They are so unaffected, naive and innocent and hold so much in their future. But the materialistic (and realistic) side of me also thinks of beauty as something exterior, something you see rather than feel. I think exotic women exude a certain degree of beauty that the average women does not. Women who break the mold and defy what society deems “pretty” are beautifulBeautiful does mean perfection, a size zero or blonde hair with blue eyes, however a beautiful woman takes care of herself and has a certain pride about her body and attire.” - Kathryn Holl, Senior Account Executive, MS&L PR and Hair Care Editor,



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